Will A Gaming Laptop Without Glasses Give You 3D Traction?

Let’s face it, this is one of the main drawbacks commonly accepted by the new 3D technology: these are uncomfortable glasses. Not only are they uncomfortable and bulky, but some of these high-tech glasses are priced at $200 or more per pair. So when Toshiba finally announced in Las Vegas last time that he perfected his system without the need for 3D glasses in its range of laptops Toshiba Qosmio F755 3D games, there are many who believe that this will announce a new one The era of 3D games. PC Games free Download using various sources.

In fact, this new technology is a software update, with Toshiba and NVIDIA being one of the main names of computer graphics. Owners of Qosmio F755 can access software updates and upgrade their computers through the Toshiba Service Center utility. The software will also offer more than 100 3D games on the market today.

The new software will use the laptop’s webcam to track the user’s eye movements and provide him with a larger or wider viewing area. Unlike traditional 3D displays, users must wear glasses to see different images to the left and right, but this new technology Toshiba active lens, two separate images (one for each eye) is projected by the screen with double parallax. Eliminate the need for glasses.

Will a game without glasses give you 3D legs?

So far, true 3D viewing on TV and other devices has not caused a buying spree, or even widespread acceptance by manufacturers. While this should be taken into consideration, many TV manufacturers use 3D as the standard for their latest models, but most manufacturers do not use it as a major selling point, unlike high definition. Again, we mainly talk about systems that need these 3D glasses to work.

The biggest question is: How do TVs and laptops without glasses meet the needs of buyers? If consumers get superior 3D technology without these uncomfortable glasses, are they willing to open the wallet more? Will players use these new devices?

Maybe the player is the best to try this new 3D system and know that they are the first adapter for all technologies. In addition to the fact that 3D images are the basic elements that have been integrated into these games, the next logical step is to improve them in 3D. Remove these uncomfortable glasses from the image and you may get a winning suggestion.

We must also consider the role of NVIDIA in all of these areas, and players respect them and their products. NVIDIA has become one of the leading players in the field, and its famous 3D vision suite has appeared on many desktops and laptops. If they can work with other major manufacturers such as Toshiba to produce glasses-free systems, the market or application may go far beyond gaming laptops. PC Games free Download using various sources.

However, at the moment, the real test will be to activate these new 3D platforms. Can they provide a better visual experience than regular games? Just look at HD or HD: This technology is quickly accepted because it greatly increases the visual pleasure of end users. Can this new 3D technology provide the same fun?

We all know that 3D has been around for a long time, but the final revival seems to be sustainable. We always see more and more 3D movies, so this time it may not just be a fashion. Is 3D TV the same as watching 3D images at home? The jury is still deliberating, but with the recent launch of a 3D gaming laptop without glasses and other equipment, the verdict is more conducive to the column itself.

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