Veterinary Advice On Dog Obesity: Practical Advice For Keeping The Shape Of The Dog

Like humans, dogs can increase their weight and put their health at risk. Painful diseases of the joints and ligaments, such as arthritis, are a major problem. However, dogs may also be exposed to many other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. If you suspect that your pet is overweight, you can do two simple tests at home. On the first test, place your hand on the dog’s ribs. Press gently. If you think the weight of the ribs is normal, if the ribs are clear, your dog is underweight. If you don’t feel the ribs at all or have to lean on the ribs, he may be obese. The home test is to look at the dog’s spine. If the spine is lower than the surrounding tissue, your dog may be overweight. Dogs in the northern climate often experience seasonal weight gain, but this is normal and usually has no problems. The following recommendations are available:

  1. Control the dog’s daily diet. This should include everything that the dog eats; raw food, dog food, dog food, human and bone foods and other chewable foods. Does your dog eat cat food or get snacks from neighbors? Some human foods may be suitable for dogs because they are used in small amounts and avoid fat, protein and grapes (the grapes may be toxic to the kidneys). If you are concerned about the weight of your pet, you cannot easily determine the cause of your weight gain, or if you need help to eat, check with your veterinarian. Keep a dog’s food diary, which is a daily list he has eaten in the past week. Once your dog is on a diet, it is best to weigh it every month.
  2. Exercise tips. In winter, take a walk with your pet as much as possible. Dogs are better able to withstand cold than humans. In addition to furry dogs, such as Staffordshire Terrier, English Bulldog or Great Dane. If your dog has a thin layer of fur, coats and dog boots can help you resist hiking during cold weather or during breaks. In the bad weather, you have to have creative game time and exercise indoors. Remember to go up and down the stairs. This is good for you and your dog. If you don’t have stairs or physical disabilities, look for a dog nursery with a good indoor play area. You may wish to use dog day care in the winter as part of your dog’s fitness program. In the summer, if your dog likes other dogs, use the park or dog dates so your pet can have fun and burn any excess weight. Take dog for walk in dog walking Chelsea.
  3. Don’t give your dog arbitrarily. Just as we don’t always give frozen children the same, we also need to be bound with our dogs. It is very sensitive and responsive to your pet’s needs, but if you want them to have a long life and good health, sometimes you must ignore their begging.

Please do not accept it yourself. Many people are sensitive to any weight problem. If your vet is concerned about the weight of your pet, this does not mean that you are a nasty or negligent caregiver. Think about health problems that can be improved. One of Dr. Keitra’s clients had a puppy who gained weight because of apple and mung bean sandwiches. In people weighing 150 pounds, these objects burn quickly, but in small dog racks they are overweight.

In addition to Dr. Kay’s advice, you may want to consider doing short walks, but more often, check the fat content and food of the dog fiber, if you hire a dog walker you have limited time. If you have a garage but you don’t have a fence code, you can leave your car for about half an hour and use your dog to play in the garage, once or twice a day.

Like many other diseases, the sooner you diagnose and begin to treat canine obesity, the sooner your dog will get better health. Your vet can help you develop a personalized and healthy weight loss program for your dog.

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