Tips For Setting A Custom Jewelry Order

Golden rule; do not quote in advance. Tell the customer that once the custom design of the handmade jewelry (jewellery photo retouching) is approved, he will respond to the actual cost and employment contract for the production within a week. This is important; it allows you to set the price of the job correctly. The client may need a rough estimate, stay firm and tell him that he will give him the correct offer within a week. Be sure to send a written quotation to the contract within the specified time.

Don’t forget to add time to your final date. Usually, we believe that if we charge too much, they will not hire us to do the job as it indicates that design time is also included in the final cost. Track the cost of the gems and materials you will use to complete the order. Don’t forget to include shipping costs, especially when ordering specific parts to complete an order. Due to the complexity of the design, the extra time required to make a part that requires extra work is always calculated. Don’t be afraid to charge for your work. People know that a custom jewelry is often more expensive and willing to pay.

Prepare a custom jewelry work contract

Never work without a contract: a well-written contract can save you a lot of trouble and problems when selling jewelry (jewellery photo retouching). The contract must be clearly defined and clearly written. The contract must be detailed enough to prevent you from going to court, challenging or issuing documents.

The contract must contain the following information:

  • Your name, company name and information
  • Customer name and order date
  • Details about the gem that is about to end
  • I also attached a copy of the final sketch and the photo of the stone to be used.
  • The contract must also include the amount of material and its cost
  • Indicate your hourly rate and the time required to complete the work. Point out your design time and the time spent with your customers.
  • Always include a return policy in the contract; you cannot return a custom job created as a special order. I guarantee that this work meets the final approved design, including size, stone type and metal (gold or silver). Keep in mind that due to the nature of the craft, all handmade accessories are slightly different and may include minor variations in the overall size of coins and/or small coins.
  • Specific delivery date: Be realistic when setting the end date. Consider how long it takes for your supplies to arrive and the actual shipping time to ship the item. As you know, unexpected situations always occur. If there is an unexpected delay, please notify the customer. It is not only good practice to let customers know about the situation; it is also ethical and can help you maintain professional integrity.
  • Payment terms: I recommend that you pay a 50% non-refundable deposit in advance. It is clear that it will not start working until the deposit is cancelled. If you cancel, this will protect you. Be sure to wait for jewelry before you receive the deposit. I recommend including a statement that will not be redrawn or modified once the final sketch is approved. Any measures are included in the contract to clarify the final specification. Modifying a piece after it is complete is complicated and can be expensive.
  • Terms of Delivery: When an item needs to be shipped out of town, customers are advised to pay insurance premiums to cover the value of the jewelry (jewellery photo retouching). Always send an article that requires a signature, indicating that the customer has received the jewelry. This will protect you if the customer claims that his work has never happened. Take a photo of the work before shipment and include the photo with the packing slip. Call your customers and know that your jewelry is on the road. Follow up on the email and provide them with the tracking number of the shipment. It is always a good policy and it will provide you with paper follow up. At the bottom of the contract, you are given a regional and customer logo. Present this custom jewelry work contract to your customers when it is ready. There are two signatures and one for the customer. Tell your customers that this agreement protects them as well as you, especially since they will pay at least part of your work.

Let more customers order custom work mainly through word of mouth, you must build your own reputation and make customers satisfied. Wrap your jewelry in an attractive way, it improves your work and customers will remember it. I always continue to write personal information, thank you for ordering one of my handmade accessories.

In the notes, I asked if they would like to send me a photo with a hand-made gem. If they agree to take a photo, ask if you want to post a photo on your website. This is always useful for promoting and marketing your handmade jewelry (jewellery photo retouching) and other design pieces.



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