Roller Blinds Decorating Tips.

Have your own roller blinds

If you are tired of old blinds but don’t have enough money to buy them, you can simply decorate them and give them an elegant and new look. When the house is refurbished, people often pay attention to changing the color of the wall or rearranging the furniture, completely ignoring the appearance of the window. However, imagine how many times you look out the window during the day, and you’ll know why window treatment changes can be an important part of a home improvement project. Now, if you are satisfied with the blinds (blockout roller blinds) you already have, but you just want to update the look, you can do something to renovate the blinds.

Before starting the remodeling task, you must ensure that the blinds are properly cleaned because you don’t need anything that might hurt your creativity. Vacuum with a cloth or vacuum cleaner, then clean the blinds with a little water and a clean sponge. After removing the blinds, you can place them in the bathtub for deep cleaning.

Fabric fabric decoration

The first option for decorating blinds is to attach a piece of cloth to its surface. The program is very simple. You must measure the shadow to determine the size of the fabric to be bonded to the blinds. The width of the fabric should be a few inches relative to all sides of the louver, which not only minimizes the risk of measurement errors, but also facilitates the bonding process. Now choose the fabric. You can choose from natural or synthetic materials, monochrome or patterns, it’s up to you. However, it is best to choose lightweight materials such as cotton instead of thick wool or velvet as they will affect the function of the blinds.

The next step is to bond the fabric to the blinds. Use a glue spray gun or glue gun to spread the glue evenly over the surface of the blind. First place the fabric up and down to make sure there are no creases or bubbles. When you’re done, you can wrap the extra fabric around the awning and stick it to the back or simply cut it.

When the refurbished roller shutters are dry, it is time to add finishes. To seal the shadows, add a little white glue to the fabric to prevent wear. If you don’t plan to raise and lower the blinds too often, the sanding sealer along the edges will do. Everything is completely dry and your shutter is ready.

Blind paint roller decoration

Now, if you have free time, you can make things more interesting by adding some color to the blinds. Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated, but it requires more creativity and imagination. Prepare some water, some paint and some sponges. For simpler forms, use a regular sponge (square, round), but if you want to further decorate your blinds (blockout roller blinds), buy sponges of different shapes, such as flowers, animals, fruits or just yourself.

You can do this while the blind is still hanging, but we recommend that you lower it to make your work smoother. Immerse the sponge in a predetermined color and quickly press the blind surface. Make sure you apply enough color because you don’t want the shape of the rabbit to become stained. Repeat this process as many times as needed to change the color and shape and let it dry.

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