Prospects For Roulette Professionals

Even if you have a lot of chances to find a job directly after training, the job of the croupier is not one of the future models of modern work. The biggest problem is the fairly clear labor market. On the one hand, many casinos are struggling to survive and for years have been lamenting a decline in the number of players. On the other hand, one is bound to the special sector by training as a professional employee in gambling. Outside of casinos, there are no job opportunities. As an accountant or security guard you have a range of other potential jobs. Should the own casino เว็บแทงบอล have to close, it is much harder to find a new job in the saturated market as a croupier.

Meanwhile, the casinos are doing a bigger business with the machines than with the big game, which is also more staff intensive. For example, of the 70 employees of the casino in Kassel just 15 so-called game technicians such as croupiers for roulette. 40 Euro leaves a guest in Kassel on average at the table, a rather meager amount. Such guests bring accordingly little tip.

Working as a croupier has become a popular student job. To fill in the small gaps students are welcome workers in the casinos เว็บแทงบอล. Once job postings appear on casinos’ websites, they are usually invitations to students. Four-week courses to train as a poker dealer are popular entry-level opportunities to be allowed to fly as a student temporary assistant cards. The wage is not bad for a backup job with 10 € to 13 €, but it is also much more stressful than mathematics tutoring.

Anyone who chooses the profession of croupier must bring along a great willingness to relocate. Mobility is a prerequisite, because it is quite likely that after the training, for example, you will find a job in another city or abroad, where the market is a bit more open.Working in arcades

Jobs at the slot games have the reputation of a rather poorly paid temporary activity, which is limited to beverage distribution and currency exchange. In addition to this more or less gastronomic activity, there are now a number of interesting alternatives. The vending machine industry is booming, both in traditional casinos เว็บแทงบอล and in private gambling halls. The Federal Association of Automata Entrepreneurs puts the number of its employees in Germany at 70,000, most of them female employees. Since 2008, there have been two new apprenticeship occupations in the industry: the “Specialist for strong Automotive Service” and the “Automate Specialist “.The former is an education for a period of two years, the specialist is obtained after three years. Of course, the training does not exclusively refer to slot machines, but the main sales of the industry is made with the approximately 250,000 entertainment machines and these want to be set up, emptied and maintained. In training, one not only learns how to connect or repair such machines, but also conducts professional customer discussions and advises to operators of restaurants and arcades. The third year of training as a specialist can specialize in marketing, human resources or technical business processes.

There are now nine vocational schools in Germany offering this rather exotic subject area. An apprenticeship can also be started in the big chains of slot machine casinos เว็บแทงบอล – such as Merkur (Gauselmann AG) or Spielstation (Schmidt-Gruppe). Who is technically interested and enthusiastic for machines, has the advantage of being trained not limited to slot machines. The world is full of machines, from ticket to the ticket machine. Thus, you have a good chance of a secure job despite the rather unusual training occupation. At the crowning end, at some point, the management of the own Spiele Temples beckons.

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