Network Protection And Privacy

Network and privacy protection are now part of our daily lives. We all spend a lot of time, money and energy to keep ourselves safe online (or at least try), but business leaders don’t know there are many hidden pitfalls.

Of course, it is possible to ensure tragedy in this area, but it is always too expensive except for big companies.My insurance broker has just updated the new product I have released. More about this soon.

What is the impact of piracy and privacy violations?

Your website is one of the most obvious goals because it is publicly available online. A good network company will take comprehensive measures to minimize the risk of cyber attacks on your site, and we will periodically backup to reduce downtime when problems occur. So far, we don’t have to take these measures. This is part of a good preparation.

More than your website

However, in these days of modern technology, cyber attacks are much more likely than on your website. For example, the new telephone system is computerized and internet based. My interlocutor in the telephone industry told me that several phone systems are hacked every day in Australia. Even the phone has been hacked. Then there is the enterprise data server and computer system.

The site does not have to be hacked. Company data, customer records, and search information on company servers are as valuable as their websites, and hacking and security fraud can occur (cyber security courses). Almost every aspect of modern business can be hacked and potentially subject to cyber attacks. Therefore, you should discuss with experienced and qualified suppliers in each area to assess and validate the security (cyber security courses) of your business and company data. In these cases, prevention is better than cure.

Your website is one of the most obvious goals because it is publicly available online. A good web developer will take comprehensive steps to minimize the risk of cyber attacks on your site, and we will perform backups on a regular basis to reduce downtime when problems occur.

You must ensure that your website developer does the same for you.

So far, we don’t have to take these measures. This is part of a good preparation.

Network protection and privacy insurance

Below is the information I received about this coverage as a sample that the policy can anticipate.

  • You should talk to your insurance broker.
  • Key elements of the cover
  • Non-compliance costs

We will pay the insured or anyone on behalf of the insured (including the subcontractor) with the response to the cost of violating personal information.

  • Forensic investigation (including PCI forensic report)
  • Notification fee (individual and regulatory agency)
  • Credit Monitoring Service
  • cost call center
  • Cost RP

Interruption of e-commerce

The design is to lose the resulting revenue of the insured’s system’s intentional access.

  • Amount of $ 2 per hour for 500 loss
  • Hacker damage

We will pay for the cost of recovering data, programs and networks after hacking. Hackers include employees of the insured.

Network extortion

We have spent a lot of threats or ransom payments on the cost of insurance data networks and management status investigation security (cyber security courses) risk consulting firms.

Civil liability protection breach data, including the civil penalty imposed by the regulatory agency and the amount of compensation)

  • Coverage of insurers (including subcontractors) on behalf of offenders by others
  • Includes electronic and non-electronic events such as phishing or social engineering

Network responsibility

The online provision of liability insurance for multimedia content, including a pirate proposed to modify and supplement.

Please keep in mind that this offer is only available to companies or companies that meet the following criteria:

  • The insured must settle in Australia with an annual income of less than $250,000.
  • The insured’s business activities do not belong to one of the following: financial institutions or financial services, payment processors, authors of social networking sites, credit rating agencies, data aggregation, franchisees, franchisees, operators or corporate direct sales.
  • The insured trades, transmits or stores personal information containing a single year, with less than one million financial transactions or records.
  • What the insured does not know is anything that is very likely to result in a loss or claim, that is, insurance or loss or any complaint against them.
  • The insured does not make any supervision, and the government or the administration objects to any request or inquiry or management information about personal information.

Parts of the company that do not fall into the above will be covered by other insurance companies.

What, what would you do?

  • If in doubt, check your system.
  • Fonts related to local insurance agents

Prevention is better than treatment in these situations.

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