How To Put Thumbnails To Your Youtube Videos? Step By Step Guide

The fever for visual content is giving way to a generation of this type of pieces that makes watching the thumbnails of YouTube videos a fundamental rule to fulfill.

Complete Guide With The Best Tips To Create Irresistible Video Thumbnails On Youtube

When YouTube took its first steps, there was no possibility to upload a custom thumbnail of the videos. Later, when this option became effective, it was not considered too important.

Today, with the massiveness of this social network and the large number of hours that are charged per minute (approximately 400 hours), adding an effective thumbnail of your videos can be the difference between the success or failure of your content. In this guide I’ll explain exactly what you have to do to create irresistible YouTube thumbnails step by step. What are you going to achieve? Greater number of subscribers and a higher level of commitment from them. Let’s go to what matters! But before…

The Figures You Have To Know About Youtube

As I said previously, approximately 400 hours of video per minute are currently uploaded to YouTube. According to a report by the prestigious statistics website Statista, in November 2014 the number of hours per minute was 300. Its growth is exponential. Since March 2017, every day, more than one billion users of the platform consume just over 1,000 million hours of content.

YouTube was founded in 2005 and is already a global phenomenon. In December 2016, it became the third most popular mobile application in the United States with approximately 131 million unique visitors per month.

Other Important Data:

  • Its mobile audience reached 62% as of February 2017.
  • In April 2017, the Lego brand channel became the most popular.
  • PewDiePie was for a long time the youtuber with the highest profits.
  • YouTube, in any of its versions, reaches more people aged 18 to 49 than any cable television provider in the US.
  • The number of channels that earn six-figure annual revenue on YouTube increases by 50% per year.

All this has to help you to know that if your audience is on YouTube, your brand must be present yes or yes in this social network.

Why Is It So Important To Create Video Thumbnails On Youtube?

Thumbnails on YouTube are instant views of your videos. They act like a small poster and allow viewers to know what you or your brand has to offer them. Basically, they anticipate the content they will find. It is also the first thing that people will see when they find your video on YouTube, either during their search or in other areas of the platform through paid advertising (where the video is offered as a suggestion).

Along with the title, the thumbnails (save thumbnail image) have to be attractive in order to increase their effectiveness.

A good miniature has to get the viewer to stop at that graphic piece and feel compelled to click to discover more. You only have 1 second to get people’s attention, otherwise they will move on to something else. But this is not the only reason for the importance of the thumbnails (save thumbnail image). By promoting the visualization of your videos, they also give you the possibility that your content will be displayed more than the competition’s.

That is, if your thumbnail makes the viewer click on it and watch the video (ideally they see it complete), YouTube understands that your content is fulfilling its promise. The viewing time is fundamental, the longer the video is watched, the more chances you have of YouTube showing your content before the competition. A first recommendation: keep your promise. If the viewer is attracted to your thumbnail but then you do not keep your promise, YouTube will also consider this. Do not use deceptive titles, being precise is important. Finally, I tell you that a statistic taken from the same YouTube (“press” section) , indicates that 90% of the recordings of this social network with the best performance use the system of customized thumbnails (save thumbnail image). So, are you already convinced of the importance of the thumbnails (save thumbnail image)? Perfect, let’s see how to create them!

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