How To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Invest in cryptocurrency Here’s an idea. About a decade ago, you heard vaguely about Bitcoin, a fully virtual currency that can be traded peer-to-peer without the intervention of banks. You had found the idea vaguely interesting, before moving on to something else. Last year, however, if you did not cross, at least heard about all those millionaires in Bitcoin (BTCP Wallet Fork), who now make you laugh at the lucky winners of the Lotto. Yet here everything is not (entirely) left to chance. Investing in cryptocurrency costs more than a lottery ticket and also claims a lot more work.

You are ready for the next step but not yet to invest. Because if you read this article, chances are you have typed invest in cryptocurrency on Google, or you browse our guide beginner to discover this new universe, but you have not yet a single idea of ​​the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies.

So take the time to train before making any purchase.

If you are looking to invest in the long term, and not to trade, you absolutely need to conduct a solid fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrencies that interest you. This means first reading the whitepaper of the project (which presents all of its technical characteristics, team, business model and roadmap ), but also to cross all the analyzes that you can find on the subject, to be able to take take a step back and make your own opinion.

Before that, know that you will have to acquire the fundamentals necessary for a good understanding of a project: reading a whitepaper without having any knowledge in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchains (BTCP Wallet Fork) is perfectly useless, because you will not have the keys to his understanding – and you risk, in the process, dying of boredom, or an inextricable headache trying to understand concepts perfectly beyond the reach of neophytes (and in English, over the market).

To start in cryptocurrency is above all to master a set of concepts: what is a blockchain, or more widely, a technology of distributed registers? What is the point ? What is a cryptocurrency? What is a consensus protocol? What is the mining of cryptocurrencies ? What is the difference between a token and a token? What are the different types of tokens? How to buy and secure cryptocurrency ?

Take a look at our beginner’s guide without further ado to get acquainted with these concepts. If you want to invest large sums, you will need to go further and master from start to finish all the prerequisites for investing in cryptocurrencies. For that, we advise you to follow the training crypto actives of BitConseil, particularly complete. You can contact their teams to explain your level of knowledge and ask for a tailor-made training.

It was for them, first of all, that they did it. By creating the Cryptoprofiler platform, Gino Wirthensohn and Jelena Jakovleva wanted to answer their own questions and those of their entourage, more and more interested in cryptocurrencies. But this world works differently from the stock market, say the two founders of the Zurich start-up Riskifier, specializing in the digitization of risk profiles for bank customers. Starting with the reactions to the news, which are not necessarily the same as the stock market. Or because investors are often less interested in numbers than in the idea or project behind an ICO, these fundraisers, halfway between the IPO and crowdfunding .

People do not necessarily understand the risks, these currencies, which are numerous, are also highly volatile, say the two entrepreneurs, one Zuricher, the other Estonian, also highlighting the technological risk: we must understand what is find behind an ICO to determine the interest of investing. All of this, they point out, that there are very few investor protection systems.

Scams and parodies

There are more than 1600 cryptocurrencies in the world, half of which have ceased to exist, have proven to be scams or even, sometimes, parodies, according to the Dead Coins website who lists them. Similarly, according to a study by Morgan Stanley, a third of the OICs completed in 2017 went badly over. These operations raised $ 1.3 billion. However, the popularity of cryptocurrencies and ICOs is far from declining. On the contrary. If, today, bitcoin is far from its highs from the end of last year (close to 7500 dollars at the end of the week, against 20 000), the trend is different for other cryptocurrencies, adds Jelena Jakovleva. They also become more accessible, without having analytical tools. It’s no longer even necessary to have an electronic wallet as banks, like Swissquote, offer more and more of these currencies to their customers.

Another sign of continued popularity, in 2017, between 3.8 and 5.6 billion dollars were collected through the ICO, according to different sites that list them. In 2018, the trend has become even more pronounced, as nearly 12 billion have already been raised by this means, according to the CoinSchedule website. If the regulators have been looking at these operations for several months, like Finma, which has published a practical guide explaining how it deals with applications for coverage in the field of ICOs, that does not make it by far. a safe market.

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