How To Choose The Right Resin For Your Floor?

The deterioration of the flooring is a process, we could say, physiological, because the wear and tread inevitably cause cracking and cracks. The way to overcome this problem is the demolition of the worn flooring, or with the covering of the same. The overlap can be achieved by means of thin porcelain stoneware tiles, or with parquet planks, or with the laying of the resin driveways.

The technique of laying the resin is classifiable as one of the most practical and simple, thanks to the possibility of overlapping almost all surfaces, the only clauses, if anything, consist of the preparation of the screed and  careful assessment of the environment within the which the resin should be laid , in order to avoid possible malformations.

Choosing to floor with resin, therefore, does not guarantee the achievement of the same advantages for all environments.

The statement “the resin is suitable for any type of environment” is not very correct, or rather, it is not entirely correct. The resin , in fact, is a suitable material for all those dry environments , in which there is not the presence of a high percentage of humidity, if, however, you decide to lay the resin inside the bathroom or kitchen some problems may arise that should not be underestimated.

The resin (resin driveway) is laid on the surfaces without the use of joints or joints; furthermore, the material does not require any particular maintenance and, thanks to its particular composition, it can not be attacked by fungi and bacteria. Based on these characteristics, the resin could be the best material to use for environments such as the bathroom or the kitchen , but the water factor could be a problem.

The resin, as is known, is a uniform and water-repellent material and for this reason, it could cause slipping of the transits , due, in fact, to the accumulation of water on the surface in rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. To remedy this problem it will be necessary to carry out a precise process, adding granular substances to the resin mixture , in order to make the surface more rough, therefore non-slip and much safer. The presence of these granules, however, reduces the waterproof performance. Choosing a good flooring, therefore, consists in carefully assessing all the essential factors, in order to make the surface more suitable for your needs and those required by the environment.

For the formulation of the right price per square meter of resin flooring, it is necessary to evaluate various factors, first of all the professionalism of the company to which it is addressed, or if you use the DIY techniques, the products that are used.

Furthermore, there are a number of aspects that must be considered for the right price formulation. For example, the refinement of the type of resin used for the construction of floors is an important factor, since a monochromatic floor will not have the same cost as a floor worked according to the particular dictates of personal styles.

For the formulation of the right price per square meter of the resin, it is also necessary to evaluate:

  • the aesthetics you want to achieve;
  • the environment inside which the resin must be inserted, therefore which type of work requires the screed and the finishing of the floor;
  • the size of the surface to be covered; the price per square meter will be exaggerated for small surfaces, negligible for large ones, due to the incidence of costs related to equipment and skilled labor.

If you decide to lay the resin on an old floor, you will need to prepare the surface with treatments that will inevitably affect the final price, it goes without saying that laying on the screed will provide a much lower cost.

The type of resin (resin driveway), spatula or self-leveling, the processing and the superficial finish with low thickness or high thickness, are other factors that affect the formulation of the total price.

We could begin by saying that resin floors on surfaces below 50 square meters are an economically advantageous choice . In addition, the low prices that are usually found on the web, regardless of the cost of labor and processing of the support.

Establishing the cost of a resin flooring, therefore, is very risky, since each company and each specific case should be assessed individually, however it is possible to provide generic indications on the price per square meter estimated for the floor resin.

Considering an intact foundation, devoid of any differences, you can consider € 40 the minimum price per square meter of floor resin, in the case where you choose a monochromatic flooring with 2mm thickness, the cost rises to  € 130 , however, when you intends to install mosaics, special inserts, as well as very personal decorations. To these figures must be added the cost of labor and, possibly, that of the processing of the background.

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