How Is Travel Insurance Vital To International Travelers?

Travel is an activity that everyone must do at a certain time; regardless of the purpose of the trip, whether it is a local trip or an international trip. Many people really want to travel to other parts of the world for a variety of reasons and goals, including business, travel, vacation, pilgrimage, education and medical care.

The excitement of traveling outside of self-control is often accompanied by a lot of preparation, and in most cases, many resources are deployed to make travel happen; these include obtaining an international passport, medical examination (if applicable), expensive visa processing fees, booking Tickets and reservations at the hotel.

Many people will do their utmost to update their ambitions to travel abroad. To be honest, international travel is really interesting and worth looking forward to. Travel, especially international travel, is a form of education for travelers because they have the opportunity to see the new environment, meet new people and learn about other places.

International travel offers many opportunities for travelers, regardless of their original purpose. These include business opportunities, educational opportunities, employment opportunities and even marriage opportunities. Unfortunately, these are just the opportunities and more that these (future) travelers see. They seem to be ignorant or less concerned about the risks of international travel, so no measures are taken to mitigate these risks.

At that time, you may want to ask a question, “What are the risks of international travel?” Please read on very good questions, as the following paragraphs cover most of the risks.

Flight Network- Risks associated with international travel

As interesting as international travel, fun, interesting, profitable and educational, they also have shortcomings, risks, just like anything else in life. Fortunately, for travelers, most of the risks can be transferred to professional travel insurance providers by purchasing travel insurance (also known as “travel medical insurance” or “travel medical insurance”).

These risks associated with international travel are diverse and include:

  • Sudden illness in the destination country, requiring urgent medical care and/or hospitalization.
  • Participation in accidents that result in personal injury, temporary or permanent disability or death
  • Checked baggage lost
  • Lose valuables such as international passports, driver’s licenses, national ID cards, etc.
  • Foreign personal responsibility
  • Emergency dental cases
  • move
  • Security forces arrest requires bail and legal defense

Another question that can be asked at present is: “Does the travel insurance policy cover all of the above risks?” The answer is a big question, and there are more.

Flight Network- Guarantees and benefits provided by major travel insurance policies

The following is a list of most of the benefits and benefits provided by the travel insurance policy, depending on the provider. Therefore, look for these guarantees and benefits the next time you purchase travel insurance.

  • Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Repatriation after treatment
  • Emergency dental care
  • Repatriation of family members traveling with the insured
  • Travel by immediate family members
  • Return home after the death of a loved one
  • Repatriation of the body
  • Medical assistance
  • Legal aid
  • Pre-departure service
  • General international assistance
  • Assist foreign information about lost luggage and passports,
  • Provide medicines
  • Legal defense
  • Early deposit
  • Handling public transport
  • Lost passport, driver’s license, national ID card in foreign countries
  • Compensation for loss of stolen baggage during theft
  • Compensation for late arrival baggage
  • Delayed departure
  • Positioning and reshipment of baggage and personal items.
  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent disability
  • Personal responsibility
  • Travel cancellation

Risks not covered by travel insurance policies

After talking about the scope and benefits of travel insurance, it is also important to consider the risks not covered by most of these policies, as detailed below:

  • Participation in criminal acts, or serious negligence or recklessness due to fraudulent acts, including the behavior of the insured in disorder or psychiatric treatment, the cost of which is not included;
  • Natural phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, atypical cyclones, falling space objects and meteorites, and any atmosphere, meteorology, earthquake or extraordinary geology, any other natural disaster;
  • events caused by terrorism, riots or crowd riots;
  • Security forces armed forces or events or actions in peacetime;
  • War, whether or not there is a prior statement, as well as an international conflict or intervention using force or coercion or any form of military action.
  • Participate in betting, challenge or battle unless it is legally defended or necessary;
  • Previous illness or injury
  • Participate in competitions, sports and preparation or training tests;
  • Motorcycle or motorcycle races, horseback riding, mountaineering, flower pots, boxing, any fashion wrestling, martial arts, parachute jumps, hot air balloons, free fall, hang gliding, generally any dangerous sport or recreational activity;
  • Participate in competitions or competitions organized by sports federations or similar organizations.
  • Winter and/or summer sports such as skiing and/or the like.
  • Accidents at work
  • Epidemics are recognized at the international and local levels.
  • illness or injury due to chronic illness or policy start date;
  • Death or injury caused by suicide or attempted suicide or self-injury.
  • diseases, injuries or illnesses caused by alcohol, drugs, narcotics, narcotics or over-the-counter drugs, as well as any mental illness or mental imbalance;

Pregnancy and childbirth or complications or abortion caused by illness or injury.

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