How Can I Assess The Quality Of An Instagram Account Without Tools?

But beyond the tools, just having a bit of common sense, you can look at:

  • Ratio of publications and followers : if you see that with a few dozen publications has a large number of followers, you can start to suspect (unless it is a public figure is not normal). Formula : number of followers / number of publications.
  • Low or zero Interaction : if you see publications with many likes but no comments.
  • Balance between followers and followers : if you follow many and you are followed by few (except public figures) or if you follow and many follow you, you are likely to use automated tools to grow.
  • Content quality : and of course, nothing is easier than assessing the contents you publish and see if they contribute anything, if they are “canned” images (famous phrases), photo gallery images, etc.
  • Instagram works because it feeds our ego
  • If this happens, and a majority of users are aware of it, how is it still working? Why is it still appealing to us?

And like Twitter and many other networks, your success is in feeding the ego. We all like (no matter how many people disguise it), have many followers, many interactions in each publication, etc. We are humans! Everything that somehow flatters us, we feel good. Some people go to their heads, others simply like them and others say they do not care. Recently they asked me: ” As an expert in digital marketing, what do you recommend to me to increase my followers on Instagram? ” The first question I asked was: ” Why do you want them? What goal do you have? “And the answer was,” I do not know, to have them, because I’d like to have a lot of followers . ”

This person who is a professional with extensive experience in your area, represents the spirit of what I said. We are human and that they “adulate” us through followers and likes makes us feel good. The difference with the rest, is that this person was totally sincere and had no problem in expressing what he wanted. This is an anecdotal case, but it tells us what happens in many other accounts. Its objective is to attract followers as it is. And when we talk about companies and professionals, that is a problem because this objective ultimately has a negative impact on the results.

The feeling of belonging and the ego are the emotional bases of social networks, the rational ones are the contributions of real value both at the personal level (information, conversation, leisure, etc.), as well as professional (visibility, reputation, web traffic, sales, hiring, etc.). What are the benefits of using Instagram (cheap instagram followers $1) for companies and professionals? After all these reflections, what is the use of being on Instagram? If we think about it, we are evaluating our experience based on things that are not entirely real. It is true that in the case of profiles with few followers, this effect is more evident in the profiles they follow, than in their own. But at the end of the day they are taking a wrong picture of things.

But in any case, on a personal level it  has a series of positive benefits:

  • Sense of belonging.
  • Inspiration for purchases.
  • Ego, etc.
  • But, What Benefits Does Instagram Have For A Brand Or A Professional ?
  • Visibility : allows us to announce important news.
  • Proximity : we can do it with a closer and different approach to other networks.
  • Relationship : this closeness allows us to generate relationships with our audience.
  • Return of investment (ROI) : beyond the traffic that we can generate (from the profile or through advertising campaigns), we must try to measure the impact of our activity in the form of economic return.
  • Indirect : in the form of brand generation, business opportunities (for professionals) or growth of organic traffic on your website.
  • Direct : what happens to the traffic that comes from the Instagram profile? And of course, what results are we getting with the advertising campaigns?

Seeing the high percentage of false or automated activity, I believe that the measurement and the concrete analysis of the return on investment, are fundamental to have a real idea of ​​what we are getting. If we look only at the numbers we see on Instagram (cheap instagram followers $1), we could get the wrong idea. And to finish the article I open the debate with a question. If this happens to a greater or lesser extent in all social networks, what happens with companies that do not measure their activity in social networks? How deceived can they be if they are not measuring correctly? Do you think that more than one would abandon social networks?

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