Hormone Treatment Of Acne

Hormones play an important role in the development of acne outbreaks. Although it is normal to experience this type of epidemic during adolescence, in some cases the epidemic continues into adulthood. Hormone acne can affect both sexes and create problem in Balance My Hormones. However, this seems to have a greater impact on women than men. This type of acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance caused by excessive androgen production. Androgens are hormones that play a role in the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. Excessive sebum in the pores of the skin can cause obstruction, which can lead to the prevalence of acne. Some of the available acne treatments for hormones include the following.


There are different types of antibiotics available for the treatment of hormonal acne. These can be grouped according to their functions as follows.


These drugs are used to control the release of androgens in the body and create Balance My Hormones. They work by reducing androgen production or completely preventing production. These antibiotics include birth control pills. Antiandrogens may have side effects such as irregular menstruation and upset stomach.

Topical antibiotic

Although hormonal acne is caused by hormonal fluctuations in the body, its formation is more similar to other types of acne. Local antibiotics can be used to clear pores and kill bacteria that cause acne because excessive sebum and bacteria can cause skin pores to clog. Clindamycin is one of the commonly prescribed topical antibiotics. In addition to antibiotics, topical emulsions containing acne-inducing ingredients can also be used.

Oral antibiotic

As with topical antibiotics, these can also be used to help clear pores in the skin and reduce inflammation. Commonly used antibiotics include tetracycline and erythromycin. Topical and oral antibiotics are worth mentioning: they usually do not restore hormonal balance in the body. They may also have side effects such as skin irritation, dryness and upset stomach.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

These drugs help control the inflammation caused by the outbreak. They are oral and may have side effects such as weight gain and bone loss.

Although antibiotics for the treatment of hormonal acne have been grouped according to their function, it has not been found that antibiotics that combine multiple of these functions are not uncommon. In addition, for best results, a combination of oral and topical antibiotics is recommended for best results.


Regular exercise helps the body maintain a healthy hormonal balance. In addition, it helps keep skin pores active as they remove toxins from the body. In addition, exercise is a good way to relieve stress. Exercise also helps the body burn excess fat. Excessive amounts in the body have been found to play a role in the development of acne. A small exercise every day will help you get rid of hormonal acne.

Stress management

Studies have shown that women who experience a lot of stress every day are less susceptible to hormonal acne than women who are less stressed. Stress plays an important role in destroying the body’s hormonal balance. If you find yourself being under constant stress, this may be the reason for your outbreak. Finding activities that control stress, such as exercise, will help you treat acne.


During the day, the body actively secretes hormones to make them function properly. However, the body needs rest time to find the balance of hormones. Androgen is responsible for keeping the body active. If the body does not have enough rest every day, this may trigger an overproduction of this hormone. This can lead to the development of hormonal acne.

Hormone acne is difficult to eliminate. Even if you have managed to break through acne through adolescence, this situation will suddenly affect you. Because it is primarily caused by hormonal imbalances in the body, treatment should aim to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. I wrote a short report detailing 5 simple steps to help you get rid of acne. These five steps will help you control your hormonal levels, treat you with acne, and reduce your risk of recurrence. They are easy to implement, but they guarantee results.

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